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By crossroadsp2443513, Jul 10 2017 05:55PM

We all know how hot Georgia summers can get and if you don’t, you’ll quickly learn how miserable it can be.

Why do you think we love sweet tea so much?

We’ve already experienced some scorchers but it’s just a matter of time before EVERY day is consistently sizzling hot and we all go into hiding to avoid being swaddled in sweat. Thankfully, we have the great (air conditioned) indoors to give us some sweet relief from the sweltering heat.

But what happens when your A/C busts in the middle of summer? By the way, that’s usually when it happens. That is why we’ve compiled a list of 8 ways you can survive the rising temperatures.

1.Call your local HVAC repairman.

If your go-to person is on vacation, wait until after you hang up the phone to yell obscenities. If you have kids, make sure they aren’t around. Once you have composed yourself, Google search all maintenance companies in your area.

Of the 10 that come up, one is sure to be available at a moment’s notice. And by a moment, this may mean tomorrow. Whatever you do, don’t take to review sites to blast all these businesses. You need to reserve your energy to solve the problem sooner than the next day.

Also, don’t call 911. Unless there is a firefighter or police officer that moonlights as an HVAC repairman, this won’t get you very far.

2. Stay hydrated.

While you wait for a professional HVAC repairman, we recommend that you drink more liquids than what you are used to drinking on a typical day. Let’s face facts, most of us don’t drink 8 cups a day but today you’re making that goal a priority.

We should also point out that when we say liquids, we mean water. Add ice cubes to simulate the feeling of being in an igloo.

3. Keep still.

You’ll want to lay motionless on the hardwood floors. If you have carpet throughout the house, thank your lucky stars that does not include the kitchen and bathroom. If you have a family of four or more, draw straws to see who will get the luxury of laying in the tub (water optional but a bonus).

Everyone else will have to sit on the tile floor that is conveniently cold no matter what season it is.

4. Wear next to nothing.

Now is not the time to be modestly dressed. You’re amongst family in the comfort of your own home. Uh, bad choice of wording. Let’s try that again. You’re with your family in what is typically considered a comfortable home. Have fun with this. Get crazy and wear your bathing suits. Nobody can judge you.

5. Close the curtains.

When you have an air conditioner that is actually functioning, you like to bring in the light from outside into your home. It’s the feng shui way. But with the heat that comes with those rays of light, all bets are off. Whatever you do, don’t open the curtains, windows or doors. The steam from the heat will surely seep into your home.

If you’ve seen The Fog, you know what we mean.

6. Visit a friend or relative.

You normally wouldn’t do an impromptu visit but desperate times call for desperate measures. Call the person you can stand to spend a few hours with. On vacation? Try the next person on your list. Your mom would really appreciate the visit. Just keep in mind that this opens the door to the expectation of more regular visits. We promise it’s worth it. Now, if you don’t have family or friends in the area because you’re new to town, there is no better time than now to get to know your neighbors. It’s a bonus if they have a swimming pool. You’re already wearing your bathing suits anyway. Might as well take advantage.

7. Turn on the fans.

If you have ceiling fans, your property value just went up. Turn those bad boys on to feel a wonderful breeze against your skin. If you don’t have any, this would be the time to run over to the store to purchase floor fans. Where you’ll store them after is something you can worry about once your A/C is up and running.

Having played Tetris as a kid gives you an advantage as to how to strategically store those away. They are worth the investment.

8. Call your local HVAC repairman again.

Persistence is key. There’s bound to be somebody that is available to rescue you by repairing your A/C unit. Anybody. Well, except your husband. There’s no doubt he may be handy but this is a job best left for the professionals. Ehem, how about us?

Call Crossroads Property Services at 706-352-5678. You might have better luck getting a hold of one our maintenance team members.

By guest, Jul 10 2017 05:16PM

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