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Why Landlords Should Hire a Maintenance Company for Repairs

By crossroadsp2443513, Aug 4 2017 05:34PM

Let us begin by saying that you, the landlord, are brave. As a landlord, there is one thing you probably learned rather quickly. It is a full-time job. Whether you own a single property or multiple properties, several responsibilities come in to play. These duties include finding tenants, collecting rent, and quickly responding to repair requests. Unfortunately, not all these tasks go as smoothly as one would like. That’s why as a property owner, you’ll need to figure out whether to hire a maintenance company to take that one huge item off your plate or do it yourself. It’s an important decision that requires careful consideration but here is why it may be worth hiring a maintenance company, not to be confused with a property management company which would be costlier.

The bottom line is that it reduces your day-to-day responsibilities. As the person on the other end of maintenance calls, you’re in charge of making sure repairs are fixed sooner than later. If you’re not handy, you’d have to make a call to one of your repairmen and hope one of them is available. If you are in fact a handyman, then it would make sense to solve that problem yourself. The problem with either scenario is that it takes time and effort to do these things and sometimes it’s just better to leave it to the professionals.

Will it cost more than if you did it yourself or hired a repairman? Yes. But who wants to spend a weeknight and/or Saturday working on repairs? Especially when you think about the long list of things could break, even simultaneously. Trust us, it happens.

Maintenance specialists are equipped to handle all maintenance issues including:

-HVAC system






-Exterior caulking


-Carpet cleaning

-Sheetrock and carpentry repair

-Painting and pressure washing

-Boarding up

Overwhelmed after going down the list? Well, you don’t have to go it alone. If you prefer to save time, Crossroads Property Services has over 25 years of combined experience with handling an extensive array of capabilities. We pride ourselves on exceptional customer service and doing all we can to cut costs while still providing excellent work.

Call us at 706-352-5678 or visit us at www.athenspropertyservices.com

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